At County Line Mason Supplies you’ll find a natural stone selection that’s second to none.

Decorative as well as functional, natural stone can be used just about anywhere. Incorporating it into your home’s design will lend warmth and charm for years to come.

Because each stone and its application is as individual as you are, we ask that you stop by to see our displays of natural stone to decide which best suits your project’s design. Below are listed some of the choices we’re pleased to be able to offer you.

Wall Stone

American Granite, Corinthian Granite, South Bay Quartzite, Van Tassel Granite, Pocono Gold, Pennsylvania Wall Stone, Moss Rock, Quarry Run, Colonial Wall Stone, Mountain Laurel, River Rock, Lilac and Cottage Wallstone.

Veneer Stone

American Granite, Corinthian Granite, South Bay Quartzite, Hawthorne Granite, Westchester Granite, Boulders, Blue Mountain Granite and Adirondack Granite

Flagging & Treads

New York Natural & Thermal Bluestone, Pennsylvania Thermal Bluestone, South Bay Quartzite, Rainbow, Teakwood, Brown Wave, Buff, Travertine, Sunset, Autumn, Full Color, Lilac and Blue Ice.

Decorative Crushed Stone

This can be used in driveways and in planting beds. We carry Bluestone and Gravel (beige) in 3/4″ and 3/8″ sizes.


Also known as Belgium Block, these can be used to line a driveway, build a planter or as a paver in a driveway apron. Available New and Used in Regular and Jumbo sizes.